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0-0-50 SOP Gran. (50 Lb)


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Compass Minerals
50 Lb
50 / Pallet

Sulphate of Potash (“SOP”) is the second major form of potash, which is particularly effective when used for the cultivation of horticultural crops, tobacco, and chloride-sensitive plants like citrus fruits. SOP is a potassium sulphate compound, which has the chemical formula K₂SO4. This sulphate-based potash product has a total global market size of approximately 6 million tonnes. SOP provides the potassium needed to nourish crops, strengthen plants, ward off disease, improve transportability, and add flavour. These benefits of SOP fertilization are very important because crop growth efficiency and yield provide sustainable food supplies for the rapidly expanding global population, shrinking available agricultural land, and a growing global middle-class.

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