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Serving California growers with uncompromised quality and personal attention to their profitability.

Custom Soil Blending

Get everything you want. And nothing you don’t.

When it comes to soil, everyone has their own unique wants and needs—and there’s no room to compromise. That’s why we blend soil to your exact specifications, so you can get repeatable results from your product. From fertility packages and biological products, we have additives to make sure the soil is exactly what you want. And we can scale up to make sure you’re getting as much as you need.

A Legacy of Ag Industry Excellence

We are proud of our roots in the ag industry. We have cultivated strong partnerships with ag industry leaders and suppliers and we leverage those relationships to ensure we can always create value for our customers.

Resources & Expertise

We’re not just vendors. We’re true partners, ready to share our vast experience to help you optimize your operation. We don’t ever bring anything to market without third-party testing and verified, repeatable results. And we offer a wealth of resources and data to ensure you always have the latest information to help optimize your operations.

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